Learn the TRUTH


Learn the TRUTH

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Learn the TRUTH

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Learn the TRUTH

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The Mississippi Aquarium wants to build a brand-new dolphin aquarium in Gulfport, MS. Not only do dolphins suffer in captivity, but fewer people want to pay for captive dolphin entertainment. This may not be a good investment for Mississippi: learn the truth about the Mississippi Aquarium.

Wellness Issues

Dolphins held in captivity can suffer stress, health issues, depression and premature death. In some cases they are drugged with anti-depressants to keep them performing and on display for tourists until the day they die. Click here to view abuses in existing North American facilities.

Dying Industry

The dolphin captivity industry is becoming antiquated and is increasingly being outlawed. In California, orca breeding and performances are banned. The Vancouver Aquarium in Canada recently announced they will end their dolphin program. The National Aquarium in Baltimore will be sending their dolphins to permanently retire in a sanctuary. Click here to learn more.

Financial Liability

Some predict that the Mississippi Aquarium will be a financial liability, having already borrowed millions of taxpayer’s dollars. Should taxpayers be on the hook for a project like this? Click here for an independent report on financial predictions for the Mississippi Aquarium.

Get Involved

The Mississippi Aquarium should not be holding aquatic wonders of the gulf, like dolphins, in captivity for entertainment, education or science.  You can discover a world of wonders just steps away from the Mississippi Aquarium: in the Gulf of Mexico, where everyone is allowed to live wild and free.

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"We need to get out of that awful era that we have been through for the last 100 years of caging animals."

–John Racanelli, CEO and President, Baltimore Aquarium, discussing his decision to permanently retire dolphins and ending their captivity the aquarium's captivity program.
Jan. 24, 2018

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